Sunday, April 26, 2009

quick update

I have a feeling that no one is reading my blog anymore because I haven't written in so long. I just have been very busy! With my grad school, real school, and finding time to sit and write at a computer is difficult.

Well, we had spring break a few weeks ago and my mom and my sister, Mary, came to visit. We had a great time. We went to the zoo (Zeke had to have his hat rescued by the zookeeper), saw the Bronze Fonz, saw the Mitchell Park Domes "light show," went to a brewery for a Friday night Fish Fry and polka, explored Schlitz Audobon, and just had fun hanging out with family. Everyone had a great time and was sorry to see them go.

Nothing else major to report. We went to a lasagna dinner last night at our church and the kids won some raffle prizes. (Zeke got matchbox cars and Maya got a necklace and a book.)

Today, I am supposed to be completing my final project for my current class. As you can see I am procrastinating. Luckily, I got to assess Maya for this project and just have to come up with a lesson that I would teach her after analyzing the assessment data. (I have to say that it made me realize that she needs to be practicing reading on her own a lot more. She is right where she should be for her grade level, but with her writing abilities, she should be reading much better than she is.) So, we had fun doing this project together.

Other than that life is going pretty well. After spring break, I am counting the days until the summer! Well, I hope all of my readers are doing well and can appreciate my little update.

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joanieszcz said...

woohoo an update!!!!!!!