Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FINALLY an Update

Sorry, I have been rather busy with the holiday season and school and school and other junk. So, here is the long awaited update.

The holidays were great! We got to spend a lot of time with family, which was wonderful. Got to see my cousin Greg get married. Maya turned 6 and got her ears pierced. She is counting the days until she can change her earrings. Zeke got crazier. He definitely is a terrible two! We returned to Wisconsin and got a call cancelling my Christmas sleigh ride, which was a present from Kevan and the kids. We were supposed to go before we went to Cleveland and it was too cold. Then we rescheduled for when we returned and there wasn't enough snow! Wisconsin weather is crazy! Now the temperatures are frigid. With wind chill it is supposed to hit -30 to
-40 degrees! Milwaukee Public Schools has been cancelled, which I think means that I get the day off tomorrow too. (I'm waiting for the phone call.)

Not too much has happened since we have been home. I started up with my 3rd grad school class. It should be pretty good. The books for the course are interesting and our professor seems very nice and accommodating. She has been telling us lots of ways to get free stuff, which is always cool for teachers.

Zeke goes to the allergist on Monday. I am not looking forward to the pinprick part of the appointment. However, it will be nice to finally know what he is allergic to. Mystery spots are no fun!

Kevan is getting back into the swing of things and hopes to start getting things together for his Doctoral Qualifying Exams.

Maya is having lots of fun using the craft supplies that everyone got her for Christmas. She already has made some things for some of you. So, don't be surprised if you get a picture in the mail or a bracelet or some other trinket created with love by Maya.

Candyland mania has continued into our house from Christmas. Kevan's parents own a game and our niece is addicted to it and got all of the kids and grandparents playing it. So, when we got home Zeke started asking for Candyland and continues to ask about every other day.

That's about it for now. I hope you all are doing well.

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joanieszcz said...

disappointed sister writes, "you had the day off and still didn't find time to blog. i need my daily dose to get rhrough. please update."