Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally some time to Blog!

Kevan is in the midst of the end of the term crunch and has about 40 pages or so to write by tomorrow. (I think he will take an incomplete in one class and finish the paper next week.) So needless to say, I haven't been able to be on the computer.

Out children have been a little nuts lately. I think that it might be cabin fever. Yesterday Maya was having a 4 year old, I want to do things my way kind of night and had to go to bed a little early. Well, to draw out her getting ready she was in the bathroom for a while. I finally went in there and saw gobs of soggy toilet paper in the toilet and the toilet was wet. She had been "cleaning" the toilet with the water that she had went to the bathroom in! Disgusting! I don't know why she didn't realize the gross nature of her cleaning, but she was rather tired and I am going to blame her poor judgement on that. So, I had to clean the toilet.

Then, this morning Zekey was in our bed because he was a stinker and slept with us last night. I thought Kevan was awake and watching him as I retrieved my clothes from the closet. I even said, "Kevan watch Zekey to make sure that he doesn't fall off the bed." (Twice.) Little did I know my heavy sleeping husband was not awake! So........Zekey fell off the bed. He had two bloody lips and a bloody nose. I was fearing that we would have to take him to get stitches. But two episodes of Jack's Big Music Show and one popsicle later, he was fine. He had a bit of a fat lip, but seemed okay. When I picked him up from daycare, you couldn't even tell that any of that had occurred. Phew! It's a good thing he is built like a linebacker. He is sturdy stuff!

Not too much else is going on here. I am trying to keep our house clean and prepare for Christmas. Mother Nature gave me a hand with that by giving me a snow day on Tuesday. Maya and I were able to tidy up our house! It was nice to spend the day with the kids.

My job has gotten a little more hectic, but I am enjoying it. Comic Book Club is still really successful and Karaoke Club is a hit! I just wish we had more time and a larger space to do it in. I don't think the kids are getting the full impact because they are eating and singing and we only have about 20 minutes to do both. The concentration on the singing is a little laxed. Oh well! Maybe I can structure it differently next year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow more Flu!

Well, our previous weekend started out with Zekey home sick on Thursday after being ill all the previous night. I went to Discovery World on a field trip. It was a lot of fun, but it's no COSI. The field trip was a little long and the kids got a little bored. I resorted to telling my entire repertoire of knock-knock jokes even the ones with potty humor. (I was desperate!) I am waiting to hear from the principal or a parent about it. But, in my defense I told no jokes that Maya has not heard before, so they are 4 years and 11 mo. old approved. We went and saw Enchanted on Saturday morning. It was pretty good. I was impressed, it had some "girl power" moments. Maya now wants the soundtrack. We had to make our stop at the Disney store. It is amazing how Disney conveniently planned their location right next to the theater! We got out of there without spending any money. When we left it was snowing like crazy, but the roads weren't too bad. I got home and Kevan told me that our friends Martin and Melissa invited us over for some pizza and tree decorating that night. (They live 2 blocks away, so weather was not a factor.) So we got the kids bundled and had a great evening at the Scanlans. Then, in the middle of the night the "master puker" woke up with a stomach ache. She threw up that night and the following day about 12 times. I think that Maya now may hold the world record for number of times vomiting in 24 hours. I stayed home with the kids on Sunday from church and cleaned as best I could. I have been drinking the Walgreen's generic version of "Airborne" as much a possible to try to keep from getting sick. So far, Kevan and I are healthy. I am not saying that it is not coming our way though. So, please keep us in your prayers. Kevan has one week to write about 60 pages and then he will not need to write another paper until he begins his dissertation. And I just don't want to be sick when I have to take care of two children while Kevan writes papers. The one good thing is that for the beginning of the week, I have been at a training that starts at 8:30 and have been able to sleep in. Hooray! However, that will end tomorrow. So, like I said I am praying hard that we all remain healthy and I hope and pray that you are able to do the same. I do not want a repeat of last year's Christmas this year! So, Happy Hanukkah!