Friday, March 21, 2008

More Snow!

It is crazy that we get about a foot of snow on the first day of spring! I can't believe it! I'm just glad that there was already no school today. All this talk about schools having to make up days is crazy. We don't, thank God. I just hope the weather gets better for Mary and my mom's arrival on Tuesday.

Not too much else going on. We are trying to stay in today. We haven't heard if church is cancelled for the evening or not. Everyone seems to be cancelling their services. Even a Catholic church! (My mom told me a few weeks ago that Catholics never cancel mass. I am assuming the reasoning behind that is that the priests live at the church.) So, I think it will probably be cancelled.

It's been nice to be home and just hang out. We've been playing with the kids, taking turns napping, and catching up on our DVRed shows. (Kevan says that only Americans make nouns into verbs. :) ) Hope you are all having some wonderful spring weather for this first day of spring.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Just an Update

Well, it is still freezing up here! I think it is supposed to be in the 20s until Wednesday. Then they said it might hit 50! Crazy! That probably means sickness with set in once again.

The kids have been equally silly lately. Maya has been heart-broken ever since she heard Bret Favre retired. She cried when she heard. She also cried when watching American Idol last night because one of the people she liked, Luke Menard, got kicked off. She is such a sensitive soul. Her tapdancing skills are advancing. She will have a performance on June 8th. She loves that it will be called" Enchanted" after the movie. She is dancing to "Rockin' Robin" and the theme song from "Enchanted" by Carrie Underwood. Her teacher also said that maybe some of the moms might want to be in the finale and dance to "Enchanted," as well. I am considering it. It would be fun to get up there and dance with her. Maya likes it when the teacher has parents come and dance with their children. I have to admit it is fun. It makes me think of the Friends episode when Monica takes tap dancing and becomes friends with the person that stole her identity. They really should offer classes for grown ups. It would be a good workout.

Zekey is just a ball of energy lately. He runs around the house and then stops and pumps his fist in the air and yells, "I win!" His language is advancing everyday. He currently loves Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and if you say it around him, he will insist that you sing the theme song over and over and over again. (It has replaced Bob the Builder and Jack's Big Music show in requests.) The people at the daycare also told me that he has some mad breakdancing moves. (He learned them all from me! :) Except for his strange turning of the head and walking sideways move, I did not teach him that one. That is his own invention. He does have some very lyrical hands though. I think he picked that up from Maya.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Missing Ohio

Well, now that we are settled in Milwaukee my homesickness has lessened a little. We have good friends and a support network has established itself around us. My family is able to come and visit pretty frequently and Zeke and Maya are happy here.

However, who would have thought that a toothbrush holder would make me miss home. I bought a new toothbrush holder at Target today and guess where it was made! China, but guess where it was designed! Solon, Ohio! Crazy, huh? Not really crazy, Solon is an industrial giant with Stouffers and King Nuts and other various companies. But it got me thinking of home. I also have been wishing I were in Ohio for the election. I love my family (hug and kisses to you all!), but they are not as passionate as I am about the forth coming election and may not even vote in it. (Sigh) I would happily vote for them if it were legal. I just wish that they felt the excitement that is stirring around this election. It is infectious! So, to all of my loved ones in Ohio and Texas and Rhode Island and Vermont. Please vote on Tuesday for me, who wishes that I had the power that you all have at this moment. (I know you have heard this from me before, but I thought I'd tell you all a different way. :) )