Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

Well, I still have not heard about the Reading Coordinator job. I am going to assume that I didn't get it because I was told that I could keep the classroom that I was working in. So, we'll see what happens. You would think that they would have let me know by now, but oh well! I thought for sure that I would have heard, but a lot of people were on vacation this week. Maybe I will hear this next week. Like I said, I don't think I got it, but we'll see. I just hope that whoever does get it works well with me.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, let's see the past two weeks have been busy. With the school year winding down things have been nuts. The weather up here has been crazy. This morning is the first time in a long time that I have seen the sun. It has rained so much up here that I feel like I need to invest in a boat! We've had lots of social functions. Maya made her stage debut! I still have to contact her tap teacher to see about getting a copy of the DVD of the show. I hope that it was a very professional production because my friend, Jess, and I made fun of a lot of the show. (Not the children, we are not that cruel!) Maya's teacher is very eclectic. I honestly believe she sat down and said to herself, "Hmm... we're doing a show about the movie Enchanted...What part of the movie can I do without? None of it! I will need a dances with animals, but the well needs its own dance and the poison apple needs its own dance. While I'm thinking about the poison apple, let's have just one girl wear a red costume and dance to Hannah Montana. If I were a poison apple, that's definitely what I would be dancing to! Then let's have a dance of balloons and flowers! Yes! Let's have two adults dance. One that is slightly obese who is a very graceful dancer but around 40 and trying to dance to get into shape with a basket of flowers and the other will be in her twenties and just wear a very skimpy outfit and carry a mylar balloon on the stage. Oh! And all of my assistant teachers need at least three solos. If the music doesn't fit Enchanted I'll just tell a story to make it fit. Oh! And don't forget the queen's jewels! They were a very important part of the movie. Let's have some very inexperienced adult dancers dance in a belly dancer fashion. Oh that will be good! Oh and I can't forget at the end I need a prince! I will have my husband be the prince! He fits the bill completely. Sure he has a beer belly and is about 30 years older than the princess, but that's okay! He's a prince in my eyes. Oh... he can't dance though. I'll have her dance around him while his arms are crossed. Then we'll thrown in a few cute kids dances and the parents won't mind sticking around for 2+ hours. That sounds like a great plan!" (Sorry for the rant. :) ) Anyway, Maya was fabulous and danced a very technical dance like a pro! The only time she messed up was because she was standing next to two boys that attended only 3 classes and didn't know the dance very well and everyone else was doing the same thing as them and she followed the crowd. She knew she wasn't doing the right thing because she told me afterward. I think it may have looked better because it made the boys look like they knew what they were doing.

I was asked to interview for the Reading Coordinator/Coach's position at our school. I was told I would find out if I got the job by the end of the week, but here it is the end of the week and I don't know. I won't know until the end of next week because they have board meetings to discuss our strategic plan Monday and Tuesday of next week. If I am offered the position I will have to really debate as to whether or not I want to leave the classroom. I love what I do right now and am not sure I want to take a step away from teaching and closer to administration. Everyone around me seems to assume that I am perfect for the position because they have been asking me if I was asked to take the position. (People are kind of nosy in that way. I guess it's better than gossiping, but I know that it will just turn into them telling everyone else.) It's not that I would be crushed if I didn't get the position. I don't have the Wisconsin licensure to take the position. (Even though in Ohio I have a similar license to one of the required licenses here, Wisconsin didn't count it so it doesn't matter.) It would also take the load off of my back when it came to making a decision. While it would be nice to be able to make that choice for myself, I would understand if they hired someone with more experience and licensure. So, I will just wait.

Lots of other craziness has happened to us this week. If you want to here about it, give me a call. I have to go and watch my children. I'm thinking about taking them to the zoo today. :) Hope you're all well!