Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Hate Being Sick

So, with this H1N1 scare, things have gotten a little nuts. People are hyperconscious of germs and schools have been closed and then open again. (Not mine, but 17 others in the area.) So, I had a sore throat yesterday and go to the doctor's to see if I have strep or some other illness. Well, the 10 minute strep test is negative. You would think, okay, everything must be all right. But, no! They wanted to do one of the tests that you have send away and get the results back two days later because I had a fever of 99.1 and because I work with kids they didn't want me to go back to school until they know what I am battling. She didn't want to hastily prescribe me an antibiotic, which I guess is good. But, not only am I missing school, I'm also missing Cirque de Soleil! I paid around $60 for the tickets over a month ago! Kevan and I had a sitter set up. This was going to be the first time we went out since my birthday. And because of my quarantine, I couldn't go! I am so disappointed! I mean I am very tired and still have a minor sore throat and have to blow my nose every so often, but it is nothing major! But, oh well! I guess the less germs spread around the better! I have read two books during my bedrest. Both pretty good. Water for Elephants and Dogs of Babel. I would recommend both. The frustrating thing is I am supposed to be reading kid lit for the class I am in and can't get my hands on any kid lit because I can't go to the library and all of my books are in the basement and I don't want to spread my germs around to our neighbors with a new baby. Uggh! Well, at least now the kids are sleeping and I can watch a little tv. Kevan now needs the computer. I hope everyone that reads this is happy and healthy! Remember to wash your hands!! :)


lisa said...

have you found the tumblebooks website yet?

user name: nypl
password: libra

not sure what level kids' books you should be reading, but that might help.

joanieszcz said...

you know what i hate? when people don't update for months... just an fyi