Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Week

Well, I went camping with our fifth graders which was a lot of fun. It was neat to see the kids in a different element and see their personalities shine. I didn't enjoy having to be the adult to tell the girls in my cabin to close their mouths and go to bed. That was not fun. I think I fell asleep around 1:30am. The activities were neat and I got a lot of hiking in. I really miss being able to go for hikes frequently. It is hard to hike with Zekey because he likes to walk and really slows you down. It is fun to go hiking with my kids, don't get me wrong, but very different from just Kevan and me. Maya and I went hiking the day before. We went to a beautiful place called Schlitz Audobon. It was wonderful there! We will definitely be taking some of our future visitors there. Maya has been really into bird watching and got a toy bird that chirps when you squeeze it. I was surprised because she didn't choose the most melodic of birds, it sounds like someone tapping on some wood. It is a yellow-belly sapsucker.

Maya is officially done with swimming for the season. She freaked out at her first lesson and the teacher was not very reassuring even with me in the water. So, we decided to acclimate her this summer and try again in the fall. She has tap dancing already anyways. It was a tricky schedule to begin with.

Zekey is in his hay-day at school this week. It is the "Week of the Young Child", kind of like Spirit Week for little guys. They had Community Helper day and Zeke got to sit in a Fire Truck, a Police car (He insisted on sitting in the back seat. :) ) and an Ambulance. He loved it! He also got to play at the Al Maguire Center at Marquette today, that is the sports complex. He played so much basketball that they had to tear him away from that place. Tomorrow night we are going to an Enchanted Ball at Marquette's Student Center. Maya is excited that she gets to dress up like a princess. I will try to put a crown on Zeke. We'll see how he does.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The excitement that is my life

Well, since Joan thinks my life is so much more exciting than hers (see her blog), I should fill everyone in on what has been occurring here in Milwaukee. That way you can judge for yourself.

My children continue to be knuckleheads. Maya is a compulsive liar. April Fools Day seems to have turned into April Fools Month. First she told me that she road the bus home from school. "You paid for it didn't you?" she said. Then, she says that they had worms for lunch. Yesterday she told me that her teacher has a car called a "Pretty EVS" that you can stand in. Her kids can stand in it too, if they have permission. Today she told me that Zeke took her Marshmallow Peep from her and ate it. She is crazy good at lying too. I am just lucky that usually her lies are so zany I don't believe them. (Except for the bus one. I believed that because she was convincing and Kevan has almost forgotten to pick her up from school before.)

Zeke is a rambunctious and wild child. He can tackle just about anyone and according to Mary's blog, even beats up his aunts. He loves anything sports. We went to go and see the Milwaukee Admirals play on Sunday. He loved it. He kept yelling, "Go Hockey!" He also really liked the mascot named Roscoe that looked like a big orange dog. He could find Roscoe any where in the arena and kept trying to go and see him. We never got close enough to see if Zeke would actually approach him. He kept yelling, "I coming Roscoe! I coming!"

We had a pretty busy weekend. Kevan and I got to go on a date for the first time in ages. We went to a benefit concert for an autism support group and listened to some Beatles tribute bands. The first band was alright, but the second band was great! They are the youngest Beatles tribute band in the world. They had won Chicago's Beatlesfest Battle of the Beatles bands two years running and are all under 15. There were times if you closed your eyes you would have thought you were at a real Beatles concert. They definitely have careers ahead of them. Then we went out for coffee, but got a coffee shop 15 minutes before closing. So, we drank our coffee on the way home. Then on Saturday, Kevan went to Madison and I took the kids to a Health Food Fair put on by our grocery store at one of the Pavilions at State Fair Park with some friends. We ate lots of food. Zekey was a mess. I brought home a reusable grocery bag full of samples and coupons. Then we went to hang out with our friends at their house. While there Kevan called to say that the car got broken when he went to get an oil change earlier and needed me to come home so he could drive to Madison. The kids were playing so my friend drove me home and back to their place. Then Sunday, we went to church and to the hockey game that I spoke of before.

So that is what's happening our lives. Maya and I are going to our church's Ladies Luncheon. Maya is a little too young, but heard it mentioned during the church announcements and is very interested in attending. So, the chair said that she could attend. Then we are going birdwatching with a bird enthusiast friend of mine. I am going to camp with our fifth graders next Monday and Tuesday. So, you have some stories to look forward too. Hope all is well in my dear readers' lives.