Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Craziest weather I have ever seen!

Well, yesterday our temperature dropped 48 degrees in about 3 hours. It was crazy! (A new record by the way.) The temperature today was a high of 10, but we had a wind chill temperature of -30, so school was cancelled for me.) I am very proud of our president for making that decision because Milwaukee Public was not off. They asked the news channels to announce that they were open and parents could choose to keep their children home today and the absence would be excused. What a ridiculous thing! The weather people were saying that if you were to stand outside for more than 10 minutes you would risk hypothermia or frostbite! Many children wait on a bus much longer than that. Many of the children that I teach do not have proper hats and gloves. I just think it was irresponsible on their part. Kevan left a message for the school board president and the principal at Maya's school. So, yay for my school for making that decision on their own! Good job new president!

So our family spent the day at home. I am embarrassed to say that we didn't even get out of our pajamas. I spent part of the day working on the invitations for my brother and his fiancee's wedding shower. They are turning out really nice. I am pretty proud of them. I hope to post a picture later.

Maya spent the day drawing pictures of Mark and Mariella geting married. (A picture of this will also be posted.) And herself as the flowergirl. She is very creative and cut paper for the flower petals and glues it on. She said that she was going to sprinkle the flowers this time and not throw them. I guess that is what comes with experience. (She was the flowergirl for Kevan's sister's wedding in October.) Her dress comes tomorrow and she is very excited. She keeps asking about the logistics of the wedding. She wants to know who she will walk down the ailse with, where we are staying, when it is, what she will wear in her hair, what I am wearing, what Mark and Mariella are wearing. She has wedding fever. She even helped me a little with the invitations.

Zeke spent the day being the family tornado and throwing everything he could. We have DVDs everywhere and blocks under the couch and all over. He also spent a good part of the day walking around with his favorite wooden spoon and banging on things. He even constructed his own drum set out of a play bucket, his wipes, and the table. I really think he will be a drummer. Hopefully, when we buy a house it will have a nice garage for him to practice in. :)

Kevan spent the day sleeping in the morning and at meetings all afternoon.

Well, I have a ton of cleaning to do and Kevan and I are going to watch that Chuck and Larry movie with Kevin James and Adam Sandler. I'll let you know what I think of it later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Update

So, not too much is going on here. We were sad to watch Green Bay lose last week. When I asked Maya if she had kissed any boys today she told me, "How could you suggest that?!" Where did she get that from? Zeke is killing me! He refuses to sleep in his own bed for an entire night. He will sleep for about 2 hours and then wake up screaming and saying, "Mama's bed," which Maya thinks sounds like Mama's butt. :) Kevan has been on a whirl wind this week. He has had church stuff and was working at Obama headquarters this week. Comic Book Club is going well. I am really enjoying it! Karaoke club had to disband for a little because the kids were getting to rowdy and after having a child chip a tooth last week, I needed a break. We'll start again after spring break. So, that is a quick snapshot of my current situation. I know have to go clean Zeke up from his spaghette dinner. What a mess!