Sunday, October 5, 2008


So, I have been quite busy lately. I started my masters and am currently working through my first class. It is going well, but I have a lot of assignments to do. Generally it is 2 chapters of reading and a journal review every week. With 2 young children, a fulltime job, and school there seems to be no time for anything. Laundry is piling up as are the dishes. Kevan has been pretty good about helping me to get all of my work in on time and has even been editing my assignments for me. Even though every week he tells me that I do not need him to edit an article review that is worth 10 points, he does it anyways. I just want to make sure that I am crossing all of my t's and dotting my i's. And me as the over achiever, have been finding more articles than necessary and reading them all. I just really want to have all of the best information to teach my students with.

The kids are doing well. Exciting things about them during the past few weeks:

Maya has a loose tooth. It is her first one and she has been wiggling it as much as possible, which kind of grosses me out. She has also started reading on her own. She still loves to write and make up silly songs. The other day she wrote the word October all by her self! (Okay, I helped with the -er but the other letters were all right.) She has now tranferred the -er spelling to words like brother and yesterday. Actually yesterday arose from her writing "yes" and then Kevan told her to write "turd" and she wrote "terd" and I told her to add "ay" so that it was not a potty word anymore. So now Kevan has taken to using the phrase, " Yes. Terd ay!"

Zeke loves to shop. He always goes shopping with me and has taken to bringing one of Maya's pink purses with him and a little green shopping basket that I bought him at the dollar store. He loves to say, "Maya like that" or "Mama like that" when he sees something that he thinks we would like. Usually it is something princess or High School Musical for Maya and then purses or clothes for me. He has actually become a pretty good listener that I actually was able to spend an afternoon at Target with him out of the cart. (He did try to put some items that interested him in the cart, but didn't fuss when I removed them.) Last week, he had a successful potty incident, but has not wanted to repeat it since.

Kevan has been busy getting things in the works for his mission start. They have a timeline until May to get some churches on board and if that doesn't happen, we will approach plan B. He has also become Mr. Mom. He tried to make pancakes the other day and looked on the box and thought that there was a picture of a cookie sheet. So he tried baking the pancakes in the oven. The funny thing was right under the picture it said "preheat griddle to 375 degrees." He saw 375 degrees, but ignored the word griddle. So, he continues to claim that he cannot cook things out of a box. So when I have class, I go over the instructions for that night's menu with him. But, I give him props for trying.

We went apple picking last week and had a great time. We have made a few batches of applesauce and Zeke has taken it upon himself to eat about 4 apples a day without permission. He just goes and takes them out of the bushel. It really is difficult now because he can open our fridge and knows to get the step stool to reach anything he can. So ends child proofing. Luckily we have Maya as our constant spy.

Yesterday we were able to get together with some friends from seminary that just moved to Milwaukee. It was great to see them and learn that they plan on settling here. It is always nice to have some more friends in the area. It makes it a little easier to be away from family.

The Brewers made it to postseason and things have been crazy here. They are currently playing game 4 of a 5 game series and if they do not win today, they will be out of it. They are losing so far, but I am hoping for a comeback. We'll see.

So that is what is going on around here. Kevan's parents are coming to visit in a week, so I am sure we will have some adventures to share after their visit. I hope everyone is well. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


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update your stupid blog