Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trying to get all of the Summer fun in

So, I go back to school Monday. I was given the good news that I do not have to go in tomorrow (Friday) because it is just Math training and I teach reading. I am going to go in for a little while so that other people don't get mad and complain that I didn't have to attend. I need to get things organized in my room anyway. All of my stuff is in one big heap because I changed rooms in the middle of July and haven't been back since.

Since I return on Monday I have been trying to get as much Summertime fun in as possible. Monday was Kevan and my 7th anniversary. We weren't planning on doing anything too exciting for lack of a babysitter, but as luck would have it one of our friends called and asked if the kids could come over and volunteered to watch our children! So, Kevan and I went to see Mama Mia! I loved it! It was very cheesy and the plot didn't make sense, but the spontaneous singing and goofy dance moves were just what I needed! Kevan on the other hand proved how much he loves me by sitting through it! He said he actually was expecting it to be better. He could not overlook major flaws in the plot line and seeing older women dancing around like teenagers made him uncomfortable. But, if you like silly and nonsensical movies of the Ballywood style, you would love it. Then we went to eat at Maggiano's for some Italian food. It is attached to the mall where we saw the movie. It is like a classier version of Bucca Di Beppo. However they have single versions of their family style entrees.

Then on Tuesday I took the kids to a wading pool near our house. We love it! It is free and the kids love the park that is nearby. We had a great time and then we grilled hamburgers and had corn on the cob for dinner. Yum! Nothing says summer like corn on the cob!

Yesterday, Zeke was at the daycare, so Maya and I cleaned a little around the house and then went shopping for things to decorate my classroom at the dollar store and Big Lots. The teacher store is so expensive, I refuse to shop there unless I absolutely need to. We then went to pick up Zeke. Then we came home and walked to the library and got books, movies, and CDs.

Today I took the kids to the zoo. We went and saw the bird show and Maya got to participate and throw a fake snake out to a bird that looks like a roadrunner, but isn't. The bird then proceeded to beat the snake on the ground. Zeke kepts holding his arm out trying to entice a bird to come and land on it. (He has not fear!) We also saw the Seal and Sea Lion show. (I had free tickets that were about to expire.) I was expecting something like the show I saw at Sea World as a kid. Needless to say it was nothing like it. The sea lions did some neat tricks and my children loved the show. So that is all that matters.

Tomorrow, I think it is off to the wading pool in the afternoon. Then they are showing Bee Movie at a park in the evening. I am hoping to convince Kevan that this would be fun and that keeping our children up past their bedtime would be a fine idea. I don't think he'll go with it, but you never know.

Then Saturday we are having some friends over for dinner. Sunday, Kevan and the kids leave for Family Camp. I am really going to miss them! I am truly sad that I am unable to attend this year. Well, that is a snapshot of our life. I hope you are all doing well!

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