Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For Mom, Happy Thoughts

Things are going well with our family. We have been busy with a variety of different activities. We have been trying to beat the heat and staying cool as much as possible. Triumphs for the week: Zeke pooped in the potty! (He also pooped in the tub and on the floor.) Maya was a wonderful big sister and helped me to get Zeke through the doctor' s office and comply with all of the doctor's requests. (He had a rash on his arm, which is just eczema.) She got weighed, her heart rate checked, and they took her temperature. Maya even laid down on the table to be measured for her height! I've been having a lot of fun spending time with my kiddos. Maya is such a young lady now and Zeke is talking up a storm and has a fabulous sense of humor!


zzeppy said...

thank you! it may not be news to the world, but it's wonderful to have tidbits from your crazy lives...much more exciting than pulling weeds at the rental or sorting through old files and finding lots of "weeds" there weighing me down...I'm still popping up to face the sun. thanks for a bit of sunshine. love, mom

joanieszcz said...

not going to lie... that's pretty gross. pooping on the floor and in the tub... you guys are crazy