Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well, I had three little bug bites on my stomach yesterday and went to the doctor to get them checked out and it turns out that I contracted scabies from a kid at school! YUCK! It isn't that bad physically, I just hope the rest of my family doesn't catch it. I spent last night at the laundromat and washed all of our bedding. Today I am tackling the clothes. I just feel icky and am paranoid that I am going to create a vicious cycle for our family. I had to take a shower last night and put special cream all over my body, even on the bottoms of my feet and my scalp! Then wake up today and wash it all off. The process of getting rid of these little mites is so time consuming! I have decided no more hugging children. A high five or a handshake will have to do. I may even resort to being like Niles Crane and take Clorox wipes with me everywhere, just to make sure. I just hope after today all of them are dead and gone.

Here is the list of childhood ailments I have contracted since I began teaching:
1. scabies
2. ring worm
3. lice
4. pink eye in both eyes

Ugh! Kevan said teachers should get hazard pay.

Yesterday I picked up Maya and noticed she was wearing different pants than she had been in the morning. I immediately worried that she had had an accident at school, which is not like her. Well, she told me that they had a hole in them. I thought, "Well, I must have been in such a hurry that I didn't notice a little hole." No, after examining the pants there was a hole that was about 8 inches long on the seat of her pants. It wasn't even on the seam. I asked her how it happened and she said she didn't know. I asked her when it happened and she said she didn't know. She was just laying down at naptime and noticed it. How is it possible for a person's butt to be hanging out and not notice it sooner? And how do you miss the occurence of a hole that size? I couldn't believe it! My crazy kid! :)

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